All about Portrait Photography

Portrait photography (or portraiture) focuses on either a group of people or an individual and has the main subject of the image being facial features or expressions. This kind of photography is unlike a reportage style shot in that it isn’t capturing a natural moment in time. It is a staged shot and therefore the images you get from these kinds of shoots can produce exceptionally different images/moods/themes/aspects of the same subject dependent on the chosen angles, lighting, staging and so forth.

You will often find portrait photographs in glossy magazines and often this style is chosen by families to capture wall art for their home from professional studio photographers. However, even if you aren’t looking to create statement pieces, learning how to capture great portrait pictures can be a great skill to master. Things like social media, thoughtful homemade gifts and even job applications can be boosted with a fantastic portrait pic.

As demonstrated in the video you’ll need to make sure that you have the right equipment to hand for this kind of shoot. This includes; adjustable tripods, the right lenses, the correct outfits/props and some backdrops that will really help make your images main feature stand out. There’s also lots of room for experimentation with this kind of photography so you can play around with depth of field and perspective to get the most out of your subject and create something that is really fit for purpose but also helps you stand out.

This is just the start of the hints and tips from Ram so make sure you join us for more top info soon!

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