A Photo Session – The Perfect Gift


If you have ever visited a house and seen one of those masterful family portraits on the wall or smiled at an expert photo of a friend and their dog, then you already have an idea why a photo session can make the perfect gift. There are lots of types of photographers, styles and budgets available, from a London Glamour Photographer to someone specialising in animals or newborn babies. So, what might make the best present for your friend or loved one?

Newborn and baby photography

If there’s a new arrival in the family, then a photo shoot makes for an amazing baby present at a time when there are already loads of new outfits and baby essentials being gifted. Newborn photography takes place within the first 10 days of the child’s life and can include pictures on their own with special props as well as with parents and family members. Alternatively, you can wait until the child is a little older and opt for similar types of shots.

Birthday session

From kids through adults, we all enjoy having a fuss made on our special day and a birthday photo shoot is a great way to commemorate the event. Whether it involves the birthday boy or girl, friends or family as well depends on taste and budget. For kids, photographers will offer themed shots that include something with their birthday age on to make it easy to date the photo. Adults are usually a little less worried about their age featuring!

Family photos

Family photos are an important way to document family life and while those casual shots are amazing, it is great to have a formal photography session periodically. This also makes a great Christmas or birthday present to send to family members, especially if they live in other parts of the country or world. These can often be taken on location as well as in the studio and some photographers will even come to your home.

Pet photography

We all love our animals and if someone has one that will cooperate then a photo session would make a great present for them. Animal photos often involve the animal itself as well as shots with the owner and family.

Personal photography

Buying someone a photo session voucher is a great present for any reason and can be a practical one. Say the person is setting up in their own business – then a photo session is a great present to get a professional headshot to use on their branding. Couples photography is also a popular present and then there are fun options such as boudoir photography – definitely a present for a couple to give to one another!

The perfect gift

Many photographers will often gift sessions in some form and often do mini-sessions with a sample of their full services that you can book for someone. This makes it a budget-friendly option for a truly memorable present, the results of which they will have to keep for the rest of their lives.

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