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Dominatrixes and humiliatrixes want to hit your weak point quick and bring you down size so to speak. And every female in the world understands that every guy on the planet is sensitive about the size of your penis. Even if you’re packing an 8 inch penis, there’s constantly other men out there with 9 inch dicks, and in comparison you’re smaller sized. After all, onces she’s knowledgeable sex with a bigger penis than yours, everything else is a downgrade.

Now picture what it’s like having an average-size cock, or worse– less than average. You understand that every woman who’s been fairly sexually active will likely have tons of experience with cocks bigger than yours.

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SPH fetish is best experienced on cam. If it’s something that you’re interested in, felt confident that there are many femdom women online for little penis humiliation. I look high and low for the best camgirls and mistresses for SPH and include them here on this blog. A few of the commonness I’ve discovered are that the ladies who do humiliation on cam generally actually like doing it. Possibly they’re great adequate women in street life, but when you satisfy them online for an SPH session, they go balls to the wall and get cruel as hell. And they’re normally extremely spoken. Not shouters precisely, rather indisidiously insulting and adept at verbal humiliation.

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